Cosmetic Surgery
Dimple Creation

Dimple Creation in Mumbai is a day care procedure which means you go home the same day after the surgery. It is done under local anaesthesia/ general anaesthesia depending on the preference of the patient. The position of the cheek dimple is as per the patient’s wishes or it can be determined with the help of the Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon.

Dimple creation surgery in Mumbai

Dimple Creation in Mumbai

The Dimple as given in the Oxford Dictionary is a small hollow especially in the cheek or chin. However, the same word has different meanings in different cultures. Chinese calligraphic writing depicts dimples as picturesque one painting the dramatic picture of a whirlpool with its ever present ripples. Some cultures view this as a sign of fertility, good luck and fortune. While many are lucky to have a perfect profile, unfortunately those who are not blessed can have dimples created with the help of good Cosmetic Surgeon.

Precautions: - Before the procedure patient is advised to stop smoking, stop taking blood thinning medications and other relevant medical history is taken into consideration.

Surgery: - It is performed from inside the mouth and does not leave any scar on the face. The surgical technique varies from open or close depending on the patient’s cheek anatomy. After the necessary surgical steps a suture is visible with a small dressing on the cheek at the sight of the dimple. This suture is removed after 7 days of the surgery.

Aftercare: - Oral mouthwash along with pain relievers and a course of antibiotics is prescribed for the next 7 days.

Results: - Dimples are visible 4-6 weeks after surgery (once the swelling diminishes) while smiling.

Risks Associated With Dimple Creation: - Swelling on the operated cheek may persist for a longer period of time. Infections at the operated site are a rare occurrence. Sometimes due to the suture giving way the dimple may disappear .In case of any of these happening please contact us immediately so corrective actions can be taken.

Success Rate: - At Pia Aesthetics our success rate is quite high ranging around 95-98 %.

Costs: - Please contact us on our clinic number to know about the Dimple Surgery cost in Mumbai.