Cosmetic Surgery
Cosmetic Gynaecology

Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery (FGCS) or Cosmetic Gynaecology is a new emerging subspecialty which helps to improve the physical appearance or the function of the vagina and the labia.

Cosmetic Gynaecology surgeon in Mumbai

Cosmetic Gynaecology in Mumbai


1. Who needs Cosmetic Gynaecology?
Most people have the notion about Cosmetic gynaecology is simply that – cosmetic. In fact, however, there are some medical conditions which require this form of plastic surgery. It is quite akin to other plastic surgery procedures– sometimes it’s done for cosmetic reasons, other times it’s done because there is a medical necessity.

2. Aesthetic Reasons:
Some women or their partners are unhappy with the look of their intimate parts. This may leads to embarrassment, loss of self esteem and low confidence for the women. When women undergo a procedure for these reasons, it’s helps them to feel more beautiful and confident, especially in sexual settings.

3. Medical Reasons:
Ageing changes, multiple childbirths, fluctuations in weight can leads to changes in shape of vagina and labia. Some women choose these procedures because of reasons like incontinence.

4. Types of Procedures:

A) Hymenoplasty: In many eastern cultures intact hymen denotes virginity and is a prerequisite before marriage. Hymen can be ruptured or torn in various vigorous physical activities like gymnastics, horse riding cycling etc. Recreation of hymen is a simple and safe procedure done under local anaesthesia. It can be of immense help in boosting of the confidence of patients who are under tremendous social pressure. Demonstration of one the cases done by our experts can be seen here:

B) Vaginoplasty: Tightening of the vagina can contribute to increased sensitivity and pleasure during sex for both the women and her partner. Various procedures both surgical and non-surgical can be used for vaginal rejuvenation.

C) Labiaplasty: Appearance of the labia can vary tremendously between various women. This procedure remoulds the shape of the labia minora or inner lip. Labia minora may be unequal, more prominent, increased in size and other variations in color and eversion. Women face myriad problems ranging from increased visibility of the minora in tight clothes to interfering during intercourse and facing problems during exercise. Labiaplasty helps in alleviating all these issues helping them lead more fulfilling lives.

C) Clitoral Hooding/Clitoropexy: Excess folds of the clitoral hood can be reduced by this procedure resulting in balanced appearance of the external genitalia.

D) Monsplasty: This procedure improves the appearance of the mons pubis by procedures like liposuction which improves your ‘bikini bridge’ appearance.

E) Urinary Incontinence: Above procedures can be combined with this surgery in the same anaesthesia. We at Pia Aesthetics Mumbai have a dedicated female Urologist Dr.Hemali Trivedi who specialises in such procedures.

We at Pia Aesthetics comprehensive evaluate the patient and offer the best services tailored to the needs of the women.